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  • Established a new Housing and Community Development Department to focus on affordable housing and houselessness intervention. 

  • Sponsored legislation to expand the water utility assistance fund

  • Supported funding of the Rental Assistance Program

  • Sponsored legislation establishing a Tenants' Bill of Rights


  • Sponsored legislation to create Neighborhood Liaison positions

  • Sponsored legislation on the reorganization of the Neighborhood Services Department with focus on digital equity, community engagement and empowerment

  • Sponsored legislation to expand bulky item collection

  • Sponsored multiple food and backpack drive thru events to distribute food, and essential supplies to residents

  • Increased digital equity by partnering with T-Mobile and distributing free hotspots to students in all participating school districts in Kansas City

  • Sponsored legislation to prohibit discrimination based on hairstyles.

  • Sponsored legislation to create a Chief Equity Officer position to ensure equity and inclusion in all city policies and practices

  • Supported funding of increased residential snowplowing services

  • Established neighborhood walking tours to engage residents

  • Sponsored funding for Zero Fare so that residents can ride the bus for free

  • Sponsored legislation to create Neighborhood Liaison positions

  • Sponsored legislation to name Martin Luther King Blvd.

  • Sponsored legislation for a $750 Million bond package to continue improvements to our water overflow control issues

  • Supported funding Marlborough community infrastructure project

  • Supported doubling the amount of street resurfacing in neighborhoods

  • Sponsored legislation to establish a stricter utility cut policy

  • Secured over $50 million in GO Bond funding for road and bridge improvements including Lee’s Summit Road, 350 Hwy & Noland Road, Bannister Road, 63rd Street, Raytown Road, Swope Parkway Industrial Flyover Bridge, Gregory Blvd Bridge

  • Hosted and participated in multiple public safety townhall events aimed at reducing crime, human trafficking and social justice

  • Sponsored legislation the elimination of low-level non-violent crimes

  • Sponsored legislation to initiate a new police academy class

  • Sponsored legislation aimed at reducing crime through the KC Blueprint Violence Prevention

  • Supported legislation to provide funding for a gun surrender program

  • Supported legislation to prohibit possession of a gun by anyone who is the subject of restraining order or convicted of domestic violence

  • Partnered with Grandparents Against Gun Violence to distribute gun locks

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  • Established a small business tour highlighting small businesses by providing them free opportunities to promote their businesses.

  • Supported legislation to reduce the amount of fees that small business has to pay to the city including licenses and some permits

  • Supported legislation to allow street café to support small businesses

  • Collaborated in Small Business Big Voice listening tour with AltCap and KC BizCare, in support of Kansas City’s small business community.

  • Sponsored legislation for the small business relief funds to assist small business effected by Covid

  • Sponsored legislation to minimize the negative impacts of incentives on neighborhoods, schools, libraries and basic services.






  • Supported funding for Landlord/Tenants University education

  • Established and negotiated a community benefit agreement from tax abated projects to add funds into the housing trust fund.

  • Supporting the funding and development of affordable housing via Central City Economic Development Tax Fund

  • Led the city’s initial Covid Response team to deliver essential supplies such as hand sanitizer, masks and gloves to our most vulnerable senior residents

  • Partnered with AARP to create a tele townhall aimed at keeping seniors informed about COVID-19 issues and resources

  • Sponsored appreciation events for essential health care workers

  • Delivered essential supplies such as hand sanitizer, masks, face shields and gloves to schools within the district

  • Partnered with the KC Health Dept and University Health to offer many covid testing events and covid vaccine clinics throughout the district

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