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Affordable Housing

Ensuring quality market value housing and supporting neighborhood rehabilitation

  • Establish a Tenants' Bill of Rights

  • Funding the 2018 Housing Plan

  • Increase education on Landlord/Tenants Rights and Responsibilities

  • Ensure Property Owners' are held accountable for complying with the law


Clean neighborhoods, healthy citizens, engaged youth and active seniors

  • Establish a process in the Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) to fund projects consistently
    to ensure completion

  • Establish a coalition of neighborhood associations/advisory board in the Fifth District to review and
    prioritize PIAC requests


Supporting basic services - streets, sidewalks, trash, water, sewage, mowing and trees

  • Improve snowplowing services

  • Establish a reward system for reporting illegal dumping that leads to a person being fined

  • Increase bulky item pickup and decrease illegal dumping

Public Safety 

Ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe for everyone is a top priority

  • Increase neighborhood involvement in resolving conflict​ on low-level offenses

  • Working with neighborhood leaders, schools, law enforcement, attorneys, civic leaders, businesses to
    support community-oriented programs 

Economic Development

Supporting the growth of jobs and businesses in the 5th District

  • Focus on the City-Wide Business Plan

  • Collaborate with schools, unions and businesses to educate and expand apprenticeships/internships

  • Promote entrepreneurship, increase training, education about financial literacy and provide more
    resources to small businesses

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